New Flooring in Sarasota, FL from Paradise Floors and More

What are the latest trends in flooring?

As homeowners develop a taste for new floors, manufacturers find different ways to provide modern materials. In addition, advanced technology allows for impressive growth in the design field, assuring contemporary styles are constantly evolving. Thanks to the ever-growing demand for newer looks for remodeling projects, our flooring company can provide a wide range of modern installations – such as the following options – for a truly exciting 2021!

Fumed wood slats

Wood installations, by and large, undergo a staining and finishing process to acquire color and protect the slats. Of course, fumed slats are no different, which is a unique process without a staining phase, wherein wood undergoes a chemical change through a process called 'fuming.' The process assures tones like no other, as every reaction is impossible to replicate. However, the 'fuming' process generally produces dark shades with enhanced grain textures – a truly luxurious style!

Bleached & blanched planks

A bleached floor produces a softer, white-washed appearance through a process also known as blanching. The natural grain is still noticeable through and through, though the slats take on an ashy, pale color. The combination of light shade and visible grains results in a charming, lovely design. If you're looking for a fresh, light style, then bleached planks may be a perfect choice.

Concrete tiles & distressed wood

The distressed look has been popular for a long time, though it has resurged in great force quite recently. The particular styling process offers a finish with a slightly worn effect since it is artificially aged. If you're in search of an installation with a rustic touch, the distressed effect will work splendidly. Planks gain a soft, worn texture via brushing and hand scraping, adding kerf and swirl marks. While some folks love the wood look, others prefer tile, and luckily this design is offered in both styles. As with the wood installation, concrete floors also undergo artificial distressing that wears out the patina for a softer appearance. Although distressed tiles work well in nearly any space, it integrates incredibly well in contemporary or industrial style homes.

Quality, stylish installations

At Paradise Floors and More, you’ll find the latest in durable, attractive flooring for your upcoming renovation. Our Sarasota, FL showroom offers a wide range of quality materials for our clients in the Sarasota, Bradenton, and Venice, FL regions. Visit our flooring store in Sarasota, FL today to find the perfect floors for your upcoming redesign project.