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Luxury vinyl flooring makes life a beach

People love the open, airy vibe of coastal design, and with luxury vinyl flooring (LVF), you can have that look and more.
Any decor you want with luxury vinyl 

Luxury vinyl flooring offers realistic, nature-inspired wood, stone, and tile images. They are precise, accurate, and vibrant digital images, all following the latest trends.

These also come with micro beveling to add depth and dimension. With embossing, it's possible to create wire-brushed, hand scraped, weathered, distressed, and embossed-in-register textures.
 A coastal floor looks:

1. Vinyl plank flooring mimics hardwood, an essential element of coastal decor. The best colors are earthy neutrals because it gives the room that relaxed, casual, natural mood.  

–White oak is an excellent choice because it's light, subtle, and coordinates well with almost anything, including blue and green, the colors of sea, sky, and fauna.

– Other choices include gray, whitewashed, reclaimed, and cool-toned light floors. Weathered and distressed textures make the surfaces look aged with scrapes, scratches, and burn marks.

2. LVT flooring (luxury vinyl tile) provides square, tile-sized pieces used with or without grout. Tiles in a sand or sea blue color will fit perfectly, but you can also get any pattern, including fish scales, sea glass, mermaid, or pebble-like patterns.

Coastal chic design with stone

Rocks like marble, quartz, limestone, travertine, slate, terrazzo, and granite fit perfectly with this decor, but they must be with the right color. They should be muted shades that remind us of the sun, sky, dunes, driftwood, sand, and sea glass.  

And speaking of a relaxed vibe

Luxury vinyl flooring is easy to care for with only a regular sweeping and periodic mopping required. Just be sure you use a manufacturer-approved cleaner as some can damage the finish and dull the floor.  

Installation is also uncomplicated, especially when it's a floating floor which is click, mat, and hover. Any subfloor is acceptable as long as it's clean, dry, and level.
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