Bathroom decorating tips: Is luxury vinyl flooring a good fit?

Bathroom decorating tips: Is luxury vinyl flooring a good fit?

Luxury vinyl tile and plank flooring materials are an excellent fit for any room in your home, but it's instrumental in bathrooms. Thanks to many benefits and characteristics, these materials serve you well and can last up to 20 years or more, so read along with today’s post to find out more.

Your luxury vinyl plank and tile flooring are perfect for bathrooms

One of the essential characteristics of luxury vinyl plank and tile flooring in the bathroom is waterproof protection. These floors guard against all water damage from any source, including flood conditions, so you’ll have peace of mind on an exceptional level.
But you'll also find other essential features that cater to this area, including a layered construction that caters to extensive foot traffic in this often-used room. Additionally, you'll find a top wear layer that guards against scratches, stains, dents, and more, leaving you with a beautiful visual that can last for decades.

Finally, you'll enjoy a quick and easy installation, which is always essential when flooring your bathroom. The speedy process means you'll be kept from this space no longer than necessary, allowing you to use them more often.

We offer luxury vinyl plank and tile

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