Which rooms are best for waterproof flooring installation?

Which rooms are best for waterproof flooring installation?

Waterproof flooring is stylish enough for any room because people drop and spill in the bedroom or living room as much as in the kitchen or bathroom.

Just take a walk through our showroom. You'll see wood looks like Moroccan Coast by R.A. Siegel, or stone looks like Adura Flex Tile by Mannington.

What makes waterproof floors so unique?

Cores are the very essence of a floor. 

These are constructed with WPC (wood plastic composite) or SPC (stone plastic composite) cores that won't peel or ripple ever. It doesn't matter how much water or long it's been there.

With waterproof vinyl flooring, you’ll have peace of mind knowing you can travel for weeks or months. You won’t come home to damaged floors.

Is waterproof vinyl flooring durable?

Yes, and so much so the cores are even graded for commercial use. These thick floors also have a transparent, strong wear layer that protects the surface from scratches, scuffs, and dents.  

Can I get textured looks?

Embossing allows manufacturers to recreate by machinery what’s usually done by hand on genuine wood.  

Wire-brushed, hand-scraped, or distressed surfaces are available. Embossed-in-register is an embossing that creates little indentations to match the grains in the photo exactly.

Your waterproof floors in Sarasota, FL, will look stunning.

Is waterproof flooring easy to install?

Waterproof flooring can be installed via the glue-down, floating floor, or loose-lay technique. While it looks uncomplicated, we always recommend that a professional installer do it. 

Professionals enhance beauty. They make even the most economical floor look like a high-end surface.

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