Luxury vinyl flooring in Sarasota, FL from Paradise Floors and More

What’s the installation process for luxury vinyl flooring?

In a word, easy! Installers love working with luxury vinyl flooring because it's fast-paced and uncomplicated. You'll love it, too, because that translates to less expensive.

Three techniques for installing luxury vinyl flooring

Rather than sheets, luxury vinyl flooring is available in two forms: long planks or square tile-sized pieces.

From a design point of view, it adds to realism. From a technical point of view, it can provide more installation possibilities.

One way is that it is glued. Another way is for it to be installed as a floating floor.

There is a clicking mechanism; pieces click together, mat, and then hover over the subfloor without any glue.

Vinyl plank and luxury vinyl tile can also be installed as a loose lay. They are placed together tightly on the floor. Friction holds them in place.

Easy to move

Fun fact: Looselay began in Europe, where floors were often not included in building rentals.

People needed to bring their floor. A loose lay-installed floor was easy to pick up and move from one location to the next.

That's the same with the floating floor. Unclick the pieces and move to another room or home.

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Other benefits include:

1.Affordability and style, with mages of wood, stone, and tile.
2.Waterproof capabilities, whether submerged or spilled on.
3.Durability with top clear melamine wear-layer to protect the floor.
4.Low maintenance with only regular sweeping and periodic mopping needed.

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