Waterproof flooring is durable enough for your home

Waterproof flooring is durable enough for your home

Waterproof flooring provides the highest moisture protection and is thick and tough. These floors can withstand any amount of wear, tear, and water. 

Engineered luxury vinyl 

These floors are constructed to be even thicker and more durable. They also come with a WPC or SPC core.

Technologically advanced, wood plastic composite and stone plastic composite cores won't peel or ripple ever. So, it doesn't matter how much water there is for how long it's been there.

You can travel for weeks or months without worrying about returning home to a significant leak. 

These floors, also called waterproof vinyl flooring, will give you the ultimate peace of mind.

Both cores are graded for commercial use; the only difference is the feeling underfoot. In addition, WPC is flexible and resilient, while SPC is solid and rigid.

Cores: central to flooring

The core is the flooring itself. Once it's damaged, the entire floor usually needs replacement.

WPC and SPC cores are so tough they're graded for commercial use; SPC was once used primarily in commercial applications. 

As design options increased, they became popular for residential use. This is especially so because waterproof flooring feels like a hard surface, such as stone or wood.

High-end style

Waterproof vinyl flooring is a more advanced version of luxury vinyl. That means it has all the same style.

See for yourself. You'll see gorgeous wood looks like "Farmstead" by Chesapeake or a stone that looks like Adura Flex Tile by Mannington in our showroom.

Other waterproof flooring benefits:

  1. Low maintenance: Like luxury vinyl, it needs regular sweeping and mopping. 
  2. Uncomplicated installation: The pieces can be glued down or installed via the floating floor or Loose Lay technique.

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