Is expansion a problem with luxury vinyl flooring?

Is expansion a problem with luxury vinyl flooring?

Luxury vinyl flooring expands with humidity, but it’s easy enough to conquer. That makes it a small challenge–not a problem!

Why does it…

Luxury vinyl has microscopic holes that circulate air–don't worry, you can't see them! When the air is humid, it will expand. Alternatively, it shrinks when the air is dry.

So you want to acclimate before installing to align the moisture levels to your home's climate. Even if it's stored in a nearby facility, it can happen because the temperature can be very different from that of your home.

It can affect the appearance and performance of your luxury vinyl tile  (LVT) or plank.

Worthwhile to have it delivered days in advance

Acclimation is a pre-installation process. For two or three days (every manufacturer is different, so check the instructions), like the pieces side–by–side on the floor where it's to be installed.

The temperature should be between 59 and 68 degrees F, and humidity levels should be at 50-60%.

Protect your investment!

Luxury vinyl can last up to 25 years when installed correctly and maintained well. So make sure to complete this process. 

These floors are often installed to float so that movement can cause balance or clicking mechanism problems. Contact us to learn more about LVT or luxury vinyl plank flooring in Sarasota, FL.

Finally, you might lose money, because more and more manufacturers require this, as stated in the warranty. If you don't do it, you'll lose protection.

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