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Four looks you can get with waterproof flooring

For various reasons, waterproof floors in Sarasota, FL, are an excellent choice for every homeowner. You can't go wrong with waterproof protection in every room for the sheer peace of mind it always brings with it.

But these floors also offer impressive visual appeal, allowing you to match any décor scheme you have in place. And the more you know what you have access to, the better results you find when you shop, so here are four great choices.

1. Stone look flooring

The stone look can be beneficial when creating an elegant, sophisticated presence, but this waterproof vinyl flooring works well in rustic and farmhouse settings. Consider marble, travertine, or granite for outstanding results.

2. Wood look flooring

Wood looks are typical in this flooring line and mimic some of the most beautiful pieces, with colors and textures to match. Be sure to consider installation layouts for a genuinely authentic visual.

3. Tile look flooring

Flooring that mimics porcelain and ceramic tile can yield any visual you want or need. For genuinely authentic looks, consider Moroccan or Arabesque visuals for something unique and personalized.

4. Artisan look flooring

Artisan looks are those waterproof flooring visuals that don't fit into any other category. Think geometric shapes, animal prints, and abstract looks for something different and exciting.

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