Waterproof flooring in Sarasota, FL from Paradise Floors and More

Waterproof flooring: Durable enough for the heaviest foot traffic

Also sometimes called waterproof vinyl flooring, these surfaces are stylish, durable, and offer the highest level of moisture protection. Read on to learn more about how waterproof flooring is durable enough for every room in your home. 

A more advanced version of luxury vinyl

Luxury is already five times thicker than the original product, and waterproof flooring is engineered to be even thicker and more durable. It's also constructed with the WPC (wood plastic composite) or SPC (stone plastic composite), two technologically advanced cores.

WPC and SPC won't ever peel and ripple no matter how much water there is or for how long. That means you'll have ultimate peace of mind always.

All the styles of luxury vinyl

Images of wood, stone, and tile are taken digitally, so they're clear and vibrant. A micro bevel adds depth and dimension while another technological marvel, embossing, provides textured looks.

Waterproof vinyl flooring is cut into planks or square, tile-sized squares. Include the SPC core with a luxury vinyl plank, and it becomes super strong rigid core flooring with a hard surface feeling, like that of hardwood.

Great for any area, even the stairs

It's the obvious choice for kitchens and baths, but waterproof floors in Sarasota, FL, are stylish and durable enough for any room. Besides, hallways are also heavily trafficked, and floods, leaks, and spills can happen anywhere.
The floor's durability makes it especially ideal for the stairs. Stairs have heavy foot traffic and take a lot of punishment. LVF is also easy to clean, and the soft, flexible resiliency adds traction for a non-slip surface.

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