Waterproof flooring in Sarasota, FL from Paradise Floors and More

Is a modern farmhouse look possible with waterproof flooring?

Yes. You can get gray, whitewashed, or distressed wood flooring. 

Terracotta, slate stones, and patterned tiles are also available. They're all available with waterproof vinyl flooring.

Engineered: the highest level of moisture protection

These floors are luxury vinyl, built to be even thicker and more durable. They're also made with the WPC (wood plastic composite) or SPC (stone plastic composite) cores. 

WPC and SPC cores are technologically advanced and completely impenetrable.

They are hard-wearing but with the same style of luxury vinyl. Come into our showroom to see collections from Bruce, Cali Bamboo, and more. We're the place to shop for waterproof flooring in Sarasota, FL.

A little more about WPC and SPC

These cores won't peel or ripple ever. So, it doesn't matter how much water there is or how long it's been there.

For example, we know someone who was away from home for months. He found a flood when he returned home, but the floors were undamaged.  

Both cores offer the same high level of protection, and both are graded for commercial use. However, WPC floors are more resilient, and SPC floors have a hard, solid, rigid feeling underfoot.

Waterproof flooring: easy-care, uncomplicated installation

They only need regular sweeping and periodic mopping. Avoid waxy, shine-promoting cleaners as they can dull the floor by damaging the finish. Waterproof flooring also comes with a simple clicking mechanism that enables them to mat and hover over a subfloor. 
Providing high quality at reasonable prices in Sarasota, FL

At Paradise Floors and More, your peace of mind is our priority. You can be assured of receiving only the best, whether it's waterproof flooring or another material.

Our showroom is in Sarasota, FL, and we work on residential and commercial projects in Sarasota, Bradenton, and Venice, FL. You'll be glad you came in and walked out with a free quote.